Halloween Binge: Sugar Detox to the Rescue!

10/17/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

I'll trade you a twizzler for a peanut butter cup? Yep, the candy train is here and it's taking prisoners. We all indulge sometimes; after all, life wouldn't be fun unless we did. Halloween is no exception! Binging on candy is really easy to do this time of year and we are all too familiar with that feeling when you wake up the morning after Halloween feeling hungover from a sugar binge. Can you guess what we are going to say next...? We have a solution!

We love solving problems on an internal level and overindulging is one we can fix. Sugar Detox Harmonized Water is your Halloween Hero. Our Sugar Detox will aid in neutralizing all that sugar you just stole from your kids (don't worry, we won't tell). Here is what to do to help your body out post sugar monster binge:

1. Wake up and stretch. Get your muscles and digestive system moving with our morning yoga routine.
2. Drink a big ol' glass of water with lemon.
3. Take 5 pumps of Sugar Detox Harmonized Water.
4. Drink water all throughout the day! The proper amount per day is half your body weight in ounces.
5. At night, take another 5 pumps of Sugar Detox Water followed by a cup of Mint Tea to soothe the stomach from all that sugar leaving your body!

This Halloween go for the gold! Indulge and enjoy time with your friends and family, ghosts and ghouls.

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