10 Fall Activities to Cross Off Your Bucket List

10/10/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

You may have noticed, we LOVE Fall! This season is just so darn inviting, soothing, and rejuvenating it's almost too much to bare... but we obviously make it work!

Top 10 Fall Activities Bucket List:

1. Crunching Leaves beneath your feet. Why? It’s just the most rewarding sound that transports you back to your childhood. Fall is the perfect time to allow yourself to be young at heart.

2. Color Hike. Being that we are located close to some of Colorado’s finest mountains, woods and peaks you have ample opportunity to go see the seasonal changing of the leaves. Observe the colors, let them warm you and revive you.

3. Hot Chocolate Experiment: There is nothing better than a fancy cup o’ chocolate on a crisp fall night. We LOVE creating new recipes. We are currently loving, dark chocolate cocoa with ginger, cinnamon, and a splash of pear simple syrup.

4. Apple Picking. Apples are so hot right now. Get out to an orchard and pick away. Apples can be made into just about anything, so go for a whole basket!

5. Corn Maze. We love a good mind game that also makes you move. Corn mazes are up and running, make it a competition (friendly) with your family and friends!

6. PUMPKIN PATCH!!! If you can’t tell by the all-caps, going to a pumpkin patch may be our favorite thing!

7. Rake leaves. Make pile of leaves. Get a running start and jump into pile.

8. People forget that pine cone season falls within the Autumn equinox. Go collect pine cones and display them in your home with some gorgeous fall leaves.

9. Find the perfect Pinot. Red wine and fall go together like chocolate and peanut butter, spend a week trying to find your favorite pallet. Stock up so you have your favorite sips available for the season. 

10. Breathe. Fall air is so crisp, calming and inviting. Step outside for your morning yoga routine and breathe it all in.

That’s it! Our favorite fall activities we hope you cross off your list!

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