Osmosis Skincare: Chirally Correct - What Does it Mean and Why is it Important?

9/29/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

You've probably heard the term Chirally Correct thrown around in the skincare industry and chances are, you aren't quite sure what that actually means. Chiral (Ki-Rul) represents a biological molecule that is present in all human and animal molecules. Derived from the greek work Kheir, meaning hand, these molecules are sequenced as mirror images. Hold up your hands, palms up, and place them next to each other. They are a mirror image, BUT if you try to superimpose them onto each other (by placing on hand, on top of the other with palms up), they don't match up do they? So, using this analogy of hands and mirror images, what makes a product Chirally correct is the ability to utilize the "mirror" side of the molecule. Again, what does this mean?

A non-chiral product could be damaging or inefficient for your skincare needs. When you use a product with Chirally Correct ingredients, you are matching your skin with it's right or left hand mirror, if you will. Chiral products will work with your skin by utilizing it's mirror image, which means your skin benefits from all of the positive effects and misses out on any negative effects as they have been removed. Using a non Chirally Correct product could, in turn, cause irritation. With a non Chiral product you will still get the benefits of the ingredient, BUT because it still has the non chiral molecule, it could also cause a negative side effect.

We are proud to utilize Chirally Correct ingredients in all of our skincare products. This helps drive permanent results in treating all of your skincare concerns. It's quite kismet actually, that your skin and your skincare are able to work together in harmony, consider Osmosis your skin's Chirally Correct SOULMATE!

Thank you to all of our loyal customers for using and LOVING the benefits of Chirally Correct Skincare!

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