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8/17/2016 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

Living with Psoriasis is no picnic. The dry, patchy, raised skin is not only uncomfortable to feel, it's uncomfortable to show. Psoriasis symptoms are not easy to cover up and can do a number on our emotional well-being just as our physical well being. We understand how painful this can be. So what causes these itchy flare ups? Stress is a huge factor. Stress can greatly decrease our immunity response and once our immune system is down, many variables can creep in and wreak havoc. Many of us respond to stress by eating comfort food, and we don't know about you but carbs, sugar and well, ice cream all taste pretty darn comfy. When we stress eat, we create a reaction in our gut and when our gut feels disorganized candida (yeast) can creep in and create some problems. Candida inflames our gut, which in turn can inflame our skin. Some of our bodies respond by going into hyper-drive which can cause our skin to regenerate too quickly to keep up with what causes that scaly, itchy buildup we know as psoriasis.

Treating psoriasis takes time and you have to attack from inside out. Osmosis has the perfect solution to harmonize your flare ups internally and externally.

Skin Perfection Harmonized Water: Harmonize your body with a combination of Anti-T (testosterone balancing), Neutralize, Digestive Health and Natural Defense frequencies. Skin Perfection truly lives up to it's name, clearing up many skin conditions that are caused by an upset gut.

Restore: Boost your immunity and inner strength all while attacking nasty bacteria that cause candida to boost your skins health. Utilize Restore twice a day and expect to see results in your skin's appearance within one month.  

Rescue: Treat your psoriasis at the surface. Use Rescue to help ease inflamed, red, itchy flare ups. Over time, Rescue will do just that... rescue and heal your distressed skin.

To speed up your results and recovery cut out inflammatory foods and keep your diet clean and fresh, try out some of our anti-inflammatory tips here.

Our Psoriasis treatment plan is gentle, healing, and extremely effective for soothing rough, unhappy skin and gut.

Learn where to shop for you skin conditions here. 

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  1. My sister was suffering from psoriasis very badly. we used many products nothing worked on her. A friend of mine suggested me to buy the Psoriasis S.O.S. I bought it for my sister and used as per the guidelines given by the dermatologist. The results were shown within the 15 days. It does not have any side effects on the skin rather it also brighten the skin. Great Product. I would like to recommend to my family and friends.

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