Osmosis at Home: Balance your Chakra's with Color

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Obtaining spiritual balance can feel like a full time job. It takes commitment and hard work to tap into yourself and provide your spirit with what it needs to flourish. Our Chakras, which represents different parts of our being, can be quite powerful when all are aligned. That is why we have designed some tips on gaining balance through color to keep your spirit happy.

Root Chakra (1): Your root chakra is located near your pelvic floor. This chakra connects you to the earth providing grounded roots in your life. To feel more grounded, place pops of red and onyx around your living room and outdoor patio. Place stones like Onyx, Ruby, and Red Jasper around things from the earth like houseplants, flowers, or outdoor rugs.

Sacral Chakra (2): Located near your reproductive organs, the Sacral Chakra connects us to our compassion, sexuality, and joy. To bring balance to this Chakra, place a vase, decorative bowl, or gem stone with orange hues in your bedroom or bathroom. Tigers eye and Fire Opal are great stones to utilize for balance of your second chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra (3): This chakra is your energy source. Associated with the fire element, your solar plexus provides confidence, cheery disposition, and self love. Decorate your space with plenty of yellow, topaz, and light orange. Citrine, Topaz, and Moonstone are great gems to add to your bathroom so they are the first thing you see upon waking up to start your day. 

Heart Chakra: (4): Our heart chakra is just as it sounds, connecting us to our outside relationships and love. A weak heart chakra can contribute to rocky relationships fueled by jealousy and anger. To gain balance and clarity to your heart chakra, surround yourself with soft pinks and greens. Rose Quartz is the perfect stone to carry with you at all times to keep your heart in line.

Throat Chakra (5): Our throat chakra give us our voice. This is our communication center which feeds off of shades of blue for balance and clarity. Blue Lace Agate and Turquoise are great colors to keep in your office or near your work space for a better sense of vocal balance.

Third Eye Chakra (6): This is our center, representing our intuition, senses, and vision of the world. A balanced third eye can provide deep insight into our lives and the lives of others. Surround yourself with shades of indigo and stones of Lapis Lazuli all around your home to feel connected to your intuition and spirit.

Crown Chakra (7): located at the base of your head, our crown chakra provides mental clarity and balance of the nerves. Amethyst is the perfect gem to sleep next to in order to quiet the mind and sooth your nervous system. Sleeping on light purple sheets wouldn't hurt either.

Take advantage of these colors to better balance your spirit. Check out our makeup to match some of these chakra shades with your looks! Now go find some gems and stones, take a deep breath, and release yourself to your chakra needs.

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