Summer Skincare for Your Teen!

4/21/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Do you remember your skincare routine from your teenage years? It's enough to make you want to scream a little in fear... Bar soap, sometimes no soap, and pounds of makeup. Yep, we remember those days well which is why we have devised some simple, fun routines for your teen to start positive skincare habits now. Their skin will thank them 30 years from now!

Even if your teen has great, clear skin it is still important to implement a routine into their daily life. They may not need as many steps as, say we... whose age shall not be mentioned do, but they can still get some strong results to maintain their healthy skin.

If your teen has troubled skin, we've got them covered as well. Read on to find out which routine is best for your teen, then bribe them anyway you can into using it! (we think video games or shoes work best).

Normal/balanced skin maintenance:


Troubled/unbalanced skin treatment:

Deep Clean
Clear Plus
Skin Perfection Harmonized Water

If you'd like to introduce supplement habits with your teen, take a look at our internal wellness supplements including DIM which helps with hormonal skin troubles and any of our Harmonized Waters!

It is so important to teach your teens about positive and healthy habits, whether with food, hydration, exercise, work ethic and so on, we sometimes forget about the importance of healthy skin habits. Each routine features sun protection, which should be an important daily habit of you and your teen. Teaching them about keeping clean, clear skin can help boost confidence and boost the importance of self care and keep their skin from going off the rails later in life (adult acne anyone)? This summer is great timing to get them into a good skincare regimen.

Find out where to shop for your teen here.

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