Classic Bridal Look!

4/19/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Wedding season has begun! We love using Osmosis Makeup for brides and bridal parties. It's a healthy clean choice for your bridal makeup look. There are many looks a bride can covet, but for those looking for a timeless classic look, follow along with our steps or check out our full video tutorial:

Step 1. Give your skin a flawless complexion by priming with CC Cream and layering Long Wear Liquid Foundation and a light dusting of Pressed Base in your shade, then conceal with Age Defying Treatment Concealer. 

Step 2. Apply Butter Cream Eye Shadow from your Matte Collection kit all over the lid (from lash line to crease)

Step 3. Using your flat, squared end of your Eyeliner Brow Brush, cut your crease with Smoky Plum mixed with Sienna from your Matte Collection. 

Step 4. Using your Blender Brush, and Truffle with Toasted Peach blend your crease into your lower lid.

Step 5. Apply a classic cat eye with our Liquid Eye Definer. 

Step 6. Using your Smudge Brush, smoke out your lower lash line with Truffle.

Step 7. Load up on Mascara! We love using the Volumizing formula for brides. **Extra Tip: In between your second and third coat, sprinkle Osmosis Finishing Powder onto your lashes while they are still tacky. Follow immediately with your third and final coat of Mascara for full, thick, look-at-me lashes**

Step 8. Fill in your brows with Brow Gel, or for a lighter brow look, use Truffle from your Matte Collection. 

Step 9. Apply Crushed Coral Blush to the apples of your cheeks using your Angled Blush Brush, then using your Medium Accent Brush, lightly blend Crushed Coral and Nude Bliss up to your temples for
a healthy glowing flush.

Step 10. Apply Nude Lip Pencil to entire lip (line and fill in).

Step 11. Apply Sassy Lipstick to top and bottom lip.

Step 12. Apply Lust Lip Glaze for an unstoppable, classic red pucker.

Step 13. Finish with a spritz of Mineral Hydration, and a dusting of Finishing Powder. Now go say “ I Do!”

For a more detailed view of our Classic Bridal Look, go here.

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