Four Tips to Create Magic with your Concealer

5/02/2018 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

Even with a beautifully tailored regimen to suit our every skincare need, we can still find ourselves in the predicament of having the occasional blemish, dark spot or irritation pop up on the surface of our skin (usually just in time for important events). Your best friend in times like these? Our Age Defying Treatment Concealer! This multi-use product is the perfect tool to use to blur imperfections, redness & more. See tips and tricks of how this fabulous product can be used below.

Keep it Light

Camouflaging (concealing) should be a gentle illusion that helps make the skin appear even and brightened in tone. Less is more! Avoid layering multiple products, as this can appear obvious on the skin. Not only does heavy application draw attention to the area you are trying to distract from, it may also look unnatural and can clog pores and irritate the skin. Our concealer is lightweight and richly pigmented to deliver natural-looking coverage without compromising performance.

Prime Time

The shadow shakedown. Eye shadow transfer and fall out are the biggest makeup challenges encountered both upon application and throughout the day. Keep eye shadow in place by using a small amount of concealer as an eye shadow primer. Remember to blend well and apply sparingly, too much concealer can have the opposite effect and crease on lids.

Application is Key

There are many debates on how to properly apply concealer (and all of your makeup for that matter). And while it really boils down to personal preference, we're big believers in using our own built-in application tools... our fingers! Your ring finger helps to delicately deliver product to your skin while promoting maximum coverage with a smooth, non-streaky finish. For best results, apply concealer after applying foundation, then set with a Finishing Powder to keep it from separating or running.

The Quicker Picker Upper

While blending is an important aspect of all makeup application, it can sometimes be a messy endeavor.  Keep it clean by using a bit of concealer on a small synthetic brush (we love our Concealer Brush for this purpose) to smooth out any lines from excess eye shadow, around the edge of the lips, for under-eye shadow fallout, or any other areas that need to be blended to make for a flawless application!

Use these tools, tips, and tricks to achieve the most natural-looking coverage and put your best face forward every day! Shop your bases, foundations, and Finishing Mist here to complete the look.

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  1. I have been looking for a good concealer. I was always told to apply with my ring finger but as of lately I find if confusing with everyone having so many Appling tools in the bag.

    1. Your ring finger can serve as the ultimate application tool! :) It just depends on personal preference, really. You can find our Foundations, Bases, and Concealers here: