Conquering Cystic Acne

5/04/2018 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

As we are well aware by now, acne (and most every other skin condition) is your body's way of telling you, "hey, something's not right here!". It is our job to listen and educate ourselves on the most holistic path to healing so as to not counteract your body's efforts to combat imbalances and create further damage. Cystic acne is a big problem for many people. It's extremely painful and can take weeks to heal. Not to mention, they're usually big (and, well... embarrassing). We're getting down and dirty with cystic acne to help you tackle it in the healthiest way possible. Let's talk cysts!

Where is it coming from?

Cystic acne is not always linked to a specific cause, but as toxins leave the skin, cystic acne typically appears in a cluster that's purging those toxins causing that painful, swollen, bumps formed deep beneath the surface of the skin. What really determines the cause is where it is located on the face. Our Holistic Skin Mapping is an excellent tool to help identify the internal cause. Cystic acne is commonly seen along the lower cheeks, chin, and jawline which reveals estrogenic toxins and hormone imbalances! It is also common around the nose and forehead. This exposes some gut health issues that need to be addressed in order to create an environment of healing in the body which can then translate to the skin.

How to deal.

1. Target the internal source.
Once you've narrowed down the cause of the breakout based on facial analysis or with the help of a Skincare Professional, you can then choose holistic supplements accordingly. For those lower jaw areas, reach for Environmental Detox, and Hormone Water or Inner Harmony to balance estrogen and testosterone levels. Seeing bumps on the nose or forehead? Complete Digestive Enzyme paired with Digestive Water or Skin Perfection will harmonize irritations or struggles in the gut.
No matter what the cause, if you're experiencing frequent cystic acne, it is time to start evaluating your diet. Cut back on foods high in sugars and processed ingredients, then incorporate more fresh, organic leafy greens, antioxidants, and healthy fats!

2. Topical Solutions.
Give your skin a little extra TLC as it purges. Take the time for a mask treatment or possibly double up on your skincare regimen and add a few powerhouse serums to encourage your skin's repair. Give your skin a twice-daily, invigorating Deep Clean to keep out environmental toxins, makeup, and debris as your skin heals. Rescue works to calm the inflammation, neutralize toxins, and activate epidermal wound repair - like a message to your skin saying, "charge!". Clarify, (our Vitamin A Blemish Serum) increases the skin's immune support to back-up efforts from the serums, while also normalizing oil production to create a harmonized environment in the skin.

Lifestyle habits, food choices, and a consistent skincare regimen will help ward off these pesky pimples and keep them from making an appearance in the first place. Start within to empower your skin and body and keep it healthy and blemish-free! If cystic acne settles in on your skin, check out ways you can conceal and camouflage the redness and inflammation here.

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