Osmosis ABC's N: Niacinamide

4/11/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Here we go again with another ingredient breakdown! This month we are featuring the letter N. We knew we couldn't choose any other ingredient other than Niacinamide! This ingredient is a skincare rock-star and we can't wait to enlighten you on why Niacinamide should be an ingredient you always reach for. So let's unlock its magic and see all that it does!

Now we know why Niacinamide is your featured ingredient that simply works wonders, let's take a peek at what Osmosis products hold this ingredient.

Repair: One of our favorite healing masks that helps calm inflammation and soothe redness.

Vitamin A Serums: Our higher level Vitamin A Serums; Clarify, Correct and Renew not only give you a Vitamin A boost, but the addition of Niacinamide helps keep the skin soothed and happy!

Enlighten: Our pigment-busting spot treatment also finds itself boasting a healthy service of Niacinamide! Brighten and calm at the same time.

Replenish: Get a dose of antioxidants while improving your skin's elasticity.

For the Professionals: Our Powder Active Blend - Niacinamide and Facial Infusion both contain high concentrates of this favorite ingredient. Check out your local professional treatments to get a results driven treatment!

Learn where to get a treatment and where to shop for your Niacinamide needs here.

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