Wellness: Healing with Disruptor Water

1/30/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Healing the body is no easy task. We are disrupted daily with toxins, pathogens, illnesses and disease, and sometimes it just feels like too much to handle. After years of studying internal health and frequencies, Dr. Ben has found a frequency that performs just like, well, magic. We are not saying this is the end-all-be-all of harmonized waters, but it is pretty darn close. Your wellness is so important to us, and we can't wait to see what this water does for you.

Disruptor Harmonized Water is our newest addition to the wellness team. This is not your typical Harmonized Water, its personalized dosage based on weight allows you to get the strongest frequency available, right then and there. Disruptor also has the ability to heal and treat multiple health concerns in a non-invasive, holistic way. So many of our illnesses can be traced back to a pathogen, and Disruptor goes straight to the source.

This water is perfect to keep in your medicine cabinet in case of sore throat, sinus issues, stomach flu, viral infection... the list goes on. Essentially, you will take Disruptor at the first sign of an illness and let it do its thing. We suggest taking it on a weekend as you may experience a detox as the virus, or pathogens are leaving your body which may leave you feeling depleted, lethargic or "just off" as some users have reported. Once the detox is complete (usually 24-72 hours) you will start feeling better with higher energy and a pep in your step. This is when your body starts healing internally. The effects of Disruptor can last months and it is great to take even if you don't feel sick, just to get a little detox boost.

We sincerely can't wait to hear all about your experience with Disruptor, keep us posted here, or here... or here using #startwithin.

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