Osmosis ABC's: Kaolin Clay

1/12/2017 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

It's that time again! Osmosis ABC's is back, hitting you with the letter K! This month we wanted to explore a skin detoxing favorite, Kaolin Clay. This white, earthy mineral has been used in cosmetics for an incredibly long time, while many cultures have been using the benefits of this clay for centuries! Let's take a peek at why this is a must-have ingredient for your routine!

Now that we know the details of this fantastic ingredient, let's take a look at which Osmosis products contain its power!

CC Cream: This makes for the perfect, oil controlling primer! Use our CC Cream with its smart shade technology under your pressed or loose base for the perfect finish!

Pore Minimizing Purifying Mask: This baby is the perfect weekly detox mask. Great for acne, and oily skin-types, this mask will smooth pores, aid in healing blemishes and help stop new breakouts! Use this mask once a week and enjoy the beautiful benefits!

Learn where to get your Kaolin Clay on here.

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