Ingredient Spotlight: Chlorella Vulgaris Extract – Super Food for your Face

8/19/2014 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Our bodies are made up of 75% water. The earth contains roughly the equivalent amount of vital, hydrating H20. Our body homeostasis clearly has a strong parallel with the homeostasis of our planet.  It would make sense then to search our vast oceans for the abundant amount of nutrients that inevitably can provide a wealth of benefits for our body and skin. Micro-algae, sourced from our earth’s seas, are a rich source of proteins, fatty acids, minerals, phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants, providing a myriad of beneficial properties for the health of our skin. Advancements in cosmetic chemistry have allowed us to extract active constituents from a variety of species of algae, giving us powerful marine derived tools for our anti-aging needs. Chlorella Vulgaris leads the pack as a true age reversal active, from a 100% botanical source. It is a single celled, water grown green algae, with one of the highest concentrations of chlorophyll known to man. Chlorophyll is nature’s detoxifier, and as such, Chlorella is considered a potent super food. Topical use of this seaweed species has proven to act against wrinkles and protects skin from harmful environmental aggressors. This is due to its incredible ability to stimulate collagen synthesis thereby supporting tissue regeneration and wrinkle reduction.  Chlorella’s wonderful attributes have some statistically significant impacts on human skin, giving us the opportunity to take our skin care formulas further into naturally sourced yet clinically proven levels of efficacy. Benefits of topical usage include:

-       Collagen is the main protein found in the body, giving tissue it’s structure and function. Chlorella increases Collagen Type 1 expression by 333% and Collagen Type 3 expression by 150% in human fibroblasts.

-       Elastin is a glycoprotein secreted by dermal cells which gives skin it’s fluidity and elastic properties. Elafin is powerful inhibitor of the enzyme elastase, which destroys elastin. Chlorella increases Elastin expression by 35% and Elafin expression by 183% in human keratinocytes.

-       Anti-angiogenic properties. Chlorella reduces new blood vessel growth and formation, minimizing vascular imperfections such as dark under eye circles, visible capillaries and erythema associated vascular skin conditions such as rosacea.

-       Due to it’s high carotenoid content, Chlorella acts as a strong anti-oxidant and UV neutralizer, rapidly diminishing the negative side effects of excess UV radiation exposure.

-       Chlorella has natural growth factors and pre-biotic peptides that help stimulate and feed the good bacteria in our skin. Our skin’s acid mantle ecosystem and micro-biome, is designed to keep foreign invaders out. Since Chlorella supports this ecosystem, it helps maintain our skin’s native immune system.


It is very evident that Chlorella Vulgaris extract is nature’s anti-aging workhorse. Seen throughout our line, in products such as our Vitamin A serums, Replenish, Refresh PM, and our Facial Infusion. Chlorella Vulgaris will give your skin the ability to fight aging, strengthen its immune system, neutralize harmful reactive oxygen species and support the skins ability to heal. Feeding the skin nutrients is the mainstay of the Osmosis approach to skin care, and this potent super food allows us to do just that. Time to let our skin feast!

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