Double Duty SPF

8/26/2014 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

by Corporate Educator and Artistic Director, Alejandro Falcon

Summer is not over yet so be sure to protect your skin from the sun. One of the issues with wearing an SPF on your face is that it can lighten your skin tone. A quick remedy for that is to use a small amount of a Loose Base Powder to give your SPF a light tint.
When using Shade, add a small amount to the palm of your hand and then add a small amount of your Loose Base color (Golden for yellow skin tones, Natural for peach skin tones, and Beige for pink/blue skin tones). Blend the two together evenly with the Liquid Foundation Brush and apply sparingly all over your face. This will add color and extra UV protection. Use the Concealer Brush for the areas around the eyes and nose. Now you can enjoy the sun and protect your skin while looking flawless.

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