Dr Johnson's Corner :: Taking DNA Repair to the Next Level

3/12/2013 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Dr. Ben Johnson, MD
As you all know, Osmosis’ primary goal is to reverse aging… and we are doing that! One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is DNA damage because it uses unique repair pathways. Aging of our DNA is inevitable but slowing that process can make dramatic changes in your skin and overall health. DNA provides directions to the cells to make collagen, antioxidants, peptides, growth factors and repair-cells like macrophages. As we lose that information through damage from the sun, acids and other sources of inflammation like our diet, our skin simply cannot maintain its normal functions.
By now you are familiar with Catalyst and its Zinc Finger Technology™. It has done remarkable things for the skin, as we can all attest. Osmosis is excited to announce incorporation of a new DNA repair agent called AC-11 that has extensive research showing it increases DNA repair by 33%. What makes this even more exciting is that when taken orally, AC-11 creates internal healing that is noticeable and in many cases remarkable. DNA is damaged by fluoride, mercury and several other toxins that are prevalent in society. DNA is also damaged by many environmental factors.
Osmosis is excited to introduce Elevate, an update to the original ATP Cell Therapy formulation with the addition of AC-11. We encourage you to start your clients on it so they may receive the benefits of both ATP production (stimulates cellular production, including fat burning) as well as DNA repair.
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