Ask Osmosis :: Why do you recommend we only use Enlighten for 90 days?

3/06/2013 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Great question!  Enlighten has both tyrosinase inhibitors and melanocyte hormone blockers that suppress the production of melanin. Melanin, of course, also provides protection for our skin and DNA so we don’t want to over suppress its production. That is where the 90 days comes in. It might not be exactly 90 days that someone can use Enlighten as everyone is slightly different and may be able to use it less or more. The idea is to use until desired effects (meaning normal skin tone) is achieved. Then stop use of the product so as to not under suppress the production of melanin. They can always pick up use again if needed down the road.


This is an example of treating the symptom and not the cause of over pigmentation. We know how great Enlighten is at getting results but if the damage still remains then the pigmentation will return. This is why we also recommend the use of Catalyst and Restore because they repair the damage so that the pigmentation doesn’t return. This takes some time but over the course of 3 months using all three products (Enlighten off and on after 90 days) they should see significant results in their pigmentation if it is not melasma or a liver spot.


Dr Johnson's recommendation: Make sure to apply Catalyst first, then wait 5 minutes and spot treat with Restore. Enlighten goes on last, a minute or two after Restore. If this is too many products, we recommend the use Catalyst and Restore only.

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