Exploring your Educational Opportunities and Resources with Osmosis

10/02/2014 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

by Ami Shvartzman, Director of Education

There are many new and exciting changes happening here at Osmosis; beautiful new packaging, a new simplified message and many new resources for you, our customer.

What’s New?

1. Updated Website- This amazing resource is an easy on-line resource for finding and identifying skin conditions and their Osmosis solutions. Simply select a skin condition on the home page. This will then pull up a guide which describes how to identify and select the specific type of skin condition. Click on this and you are routed to a page that gives a full protocol for homecare products to treat that specific skin condition, it’s so simple!

In addition to this, logging into our professional section of the website unlocks the Resource Center. The Resource Center is a portal in which our customers can access: marketing materials, relevant articles, an archive of our newsletters, the Osmosis professional and homecare protocols, and seasonal facials, order forms and handouts as well as product information (including product information sheets, MSDS and a downloadable version of our knowledge manual.

In addition to this, logging into the website will also give customers access to the Osmosis Learning Center. The Osmosis Learning Center offers two types of online workshops for the busy professional. The first avenue is Learn on Your Own which is available at any time and is a place for self-guided learning videos which incorporate all three of our brands; Skin Care, Colour and Internal Wellness. The second area for Osmosis skin care professionals that we offer through the OLC are Online Classes guided by an educator. These are offered twice per month and there are two options available, our Extended Level One Course which includes product knowledge and treating by the source as well as a basic Intro to Osmosis.

2. Social Media platforms are a key way that we at Osmosis connect with our clients. Our Facebook page is home to some of our latest announcements, articles and press mentions, tweets from our Twitter account as well as links to our YouTube videos . It is a place for our customers to ask questions and directly interact with Osmosis staff. Facebook is also where we link articles
and information from our Blog, (blog.osmosisskincare.com) which is an invaluable hub of information.  NEW - You can now find us on Instagram!

3. In case you hadn’t noticed Osmosis has gone through a transition, with our NEW look the Osmosis Marketing Materials have gotten a beautiful and dramatic facelift! With the adoption of our new message, Treating the Skin from the Source we have also launched a Protocol Brochure which simplifies and lays out the homecare regimes for Acne, Rosacea,  Hyperpigmentation and Aging including photos of how to identify each form of these skin conditions. We also have Prescription Cards which allow you to check off which Osmosis products and professional treatments are recommended for your client, and how often
to use them with a carbon copy for the esthetician to file to keep a record of previous recommendations. Our Knowledge Manual is your guide to everything Osmosis. It contains all of our product information sheets, protocols, ingredient decks, information about our philosophy and key ingredients, it has so much info that I never let that binder leave my side!

4. Our incredible Staff is here to guide you each step of the way. From our dynamic and dependable Account Managers, to our friendly Customer Service staff and knowledgeable Education Team. We, at Osmosis are here to support you!

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