New Year's Resolution ~ Ward Off Wrinkles

1/20/2014 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Your daily run may be doing wonders for your body, but it can tax your skin.  Sunlight and toxins such as pollution and smoke can unleash damaging free radicals which can increase inflammation in your skin and cause collagen to break down.    Poor dietary habits will manifest in skin stress as well.  But just as you can slow muscle loss with weight-bearing exercise, you can help slow down collagen loss as well.

To Avoid:  Retinoic Acid  and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids
Mainstream strategies to treat aging skin often include retinoic and alpha hydroxy acids.  Much of their visible effects are the result of exfoliation and plumping, neither of which is actually helping the skin's aging problem.  In the long run, retinoic acid and alpha-hydroxys do more harm than good.  Damage done to the epidermis will always make it impossible for the skin to maintain itself and it definitely cannot recover losses with the additional trauma and starvation that results.  The amount of free radicals that results from a loss of melanin or an exposed barrier is insurmountable.  As a result, both the epidermis and dermis are worse off, causing skin to actually age faster than if left to it's own resources.

Your Solutions:

Retinaldehyde ~ Vitamin A is an important nutrient that should be supplemented both internally and topically but the type of Vitamin A you choose is very important.  Proven to be 1000 times stronger than Retinol, Retinaldehyde penetrates deeper into the skin, creates an equal amount of collagen and elastin as Retin-A without being irritating or damaging and provides antibacterial properties.  To Try:  Relieve


Antioxidants ~ Antioxidants are free-radical fighters and key in our defense against numerous conditions.   Look for serums containing superoxide dismutase, catalase, l-glutathione, coenzyme Q10, and R-lipoic acid.  To try:  Replenish. 


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