Oncology Esthetics :: Fighting Cancer Together

5/28/2013 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Osmosis has partnered with Oncology Esthetics® to help provide skincare products and protocols that can be used on the sensitive skin of Oncology patients. Oncology Esthetics is an extensive training program designed to teach essential skills necessary to make adjustments, perform safe spa treatments and to help enhance quality of life for Oncology patients. Trainings are facilitated by a medical professional specializing in Oncology, and Becky Kuehn, the US Director/National Educator for Oncology Esthetics/Evergreen Skincare Solutions. Supervised theory and hands-on learning encompass the following:

  • Oncology Esthetics and the psychological benefit to the client, their family, caregivers and the spa professional.
  • Risk management and the necessity for credible training.
  • Cancer, cancer treatment and side effects that require personalized spa treatments based on clients medical history.
  • Body systems that necessitate understanding in order to make adjustments.
  • Select skin care and cosmetic products for use with those experiencing compromised skin.
  • How to share the news about your new certification.

Interested in becoming a certified Oncology Esthetician?

Please visit www.oncologyesthetics-usa.com or look for upcoming classes on our website.

Products that Osmosis supplies for Oncology patients are Purify, Quench, Quench Plus+ and Shade.

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