Testimonial Tuesday :: Lyme Disease

4/09/2013 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

What an amazing story from one of our clients!


"Even though I took very good care of myself, ate well, took supplements and did seasonal detoxes, for years I struggled with my health. Finally, in 2005 I was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease. The protocol included; massive amounts of expensive antibiotics for months, probiotics, immune supports, IV's...the list goes on. I only got worse. I was forced to go on disability, and give up my esthetic practice. I had an appointment scheduled with an infectious disease specialist at UC Davis but it was months away. Dr. Johnson recommended that I take Restore Internal. Having tried everything else, I wasn't optimistic but realized I had nothing to lose. Three months later I had my appointment with the specialist and when he told me I didn't have lyme disease I told him the test was incorrect and argued with him. Of course I did, I still felt terrible. After thinking about it and knowing that the cells have a cellular memory, I thought that maybe the disease was gone but my cells still needed to heal. So, I continued with the Restore as directed. Within another 6 months I was symptom free. I am now back to work, doing what I love and am completely healthy. I am very grateful to Dr. Johnson and his team for creating these incredible products that work! I feel very blessed to have all of them in my corner.”  ~ Brenda

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