Ask Osmosis :: Micronized Minerals vs Nano-Particles

1/17/2013 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

We have gotten several calls and emails asking about our use of Micronized Minerals in our Powder foundation formulas.  We asked our Artistic Director, Alejandro Falcon, to share some information on this hot topic.



Micronized Minerals vs Nano-Particles


Some mineral make up lines begin with crushed minerals for their Mineral Powder formulas which results in a formula that is not as refined and is therefore, larger in size. Usually these mineral powder formulas tend to be very shiny when applied to the skin and may cause a reflective "whitish" look in pictures.

For this reason, you may need to use a mattifying powder to cut down some of the shine after the powder foundation application. You might also have to add a bronzer or bronzing powder to make the foundation warmer so it looks more like a natural skin tone.


Micronized mineral foundations are smaller in size but are not nano-particles. Usually micronization refers to the fine milling of minerals which does not involve making them microscopic in size, like nano-particles.   We do not use nano-particle size minerals in any of our Mineral Powder foundations. Nano-particles are extremely small in size, slightly penetrate the skin and may clog the pores.


Osmosis Colour starts off with a Micronized Powder formula. It is then Triple Milled to be smoother and more even in size, not smaller.  Triple Milling refers to taking the Powder foundation formulas and milling it once, twice and three times. This process is done by using a roller that goes over the formula over and over, for a total of three times. This allows our OsmosisColour formula to be smoother and silkier when applied. It is also the reason why our formula does not look cakey or heavy on any skin type.  Additionally, we also took the Bismuth Oxychloride out of the Pressed Bases, which can often make Mineral Powder foundations appear dryer on the skin and can sometimes feel itchy.


Triple Milling is an option that mineral make up companies can choose for their Mineral Powder foundations formulas as an extra step for a smoother foundation.  Some companies choose to triple mill, some do not.  For an optimal finish, be sure to always choose powder foundations that have been triple milles.


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