The New Trending Wellness Ingredient for 2018

1/25/2018 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Make way, turmeric and matcha! One of 2018's most talked-about wellness ingredients is rapidly making its way into today's beauty and wellness industry! Meet moringa, a nutrient-rich super green known for its holistic power to fight inflammation both internally and topically, and infuses the skin with vitamins and antioxidants. This protein-packed green contains even more nutrients than kale (yes, we said it), defies aging, and tastes delicious! Have we piqued your interested yet? Let's learn more.

What exactly is this new super green?

It's not at all new, but it is quickly catching on in the wellness world in the US. Originally grown from trees in India, Africa, and South American regions, its most common form of consumption is ground up and mixed into juices, smoothies, foods, etc. Moringa is rich in protein, calcium, iron, and vitamins, and has been proven to balance hormones, improve digestion, and even reduce glucose levels in diabetics. And that is just to name a few, you can read even more here! That's more than you could say about turmeric, kale, and matcha combined! Eat it, drink it, put it on your face, the options and benefits seem endless, and we're obsessed!

Moringa in Osmosis.

We love using moringa in its oil-form (Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil) to get the most out of the nourishing and age-reversing benefits it delivers to our skin! Find it in our Eye Shadow Duos and Trios, Pressed Base and Finishing Powder, Blushes and Contours, and the shimmering Water Colors. Feel great about the makeup you choose, knowing that it is chock-full of vitamins and minerals and plenty of antioxidants to make you look beautiful and radiant while providing nourishment to your skin.

Be on the lookout for all things moringa this year! Another incredible tool to help you create total beauty from the inside out.

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