Identifying Perioral Dermatitis & Healing from Within

12/12/2017 Osmosis Skincare 1 Comments

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, our seasonal eating habits can be pretty harsh on our digestive system. We are surrounded by baked goods and cookie decorating, heavy meals rich with butter and salt, and not to mention the surge in seasonal cocktails. This can result in a purging of toxins visible on the face. We're breaking down perioral dermatitis, one of the most common skin conditions caused by digestive stress, and why it seems to spike this time of year, so let's dive in!

Perioral Dermatitis is a condition in which inflammation appears around the mouth and chin in the form of small red bumps, often accompanied by mild peeling and flaking. According to our Face Mapping guide, breakouts around the mouth indicate various imbalances in our digestive tract. PD, specifically, is usually the result of food toxins, stress-induced digestive troubles, and possibly mouth toxicity from fluoride. While your instinct may be to counteract this rash-like breakout with harsh exfoliants or astringents, fast and visible results will come with a much more gentle approach on the skin with some internal reinforcement. Here's what we recommend:

Topical Solutions


This revolutionary epidermal repair serum contains powerful healing properties through our patented ingredient, Trioxolane. It works to neutralize toxins in the skin, calm inflammation, activate wound repair, and empower the skin with the tools needed to transform appearance and texture for permanent results! Talk about a super-serum, this one does it all!

Activating Mist

A staple in any protocol. Always be sure to top of your serums with Clear or Clear Plus+ to ensure optimal product penetration and absorption. Bonus! It is treated with frequencies to help stabilize bacteria levels and empower rejuvenation. Get to spritzing!

Internal Solutions

Skin Perfection

This Water is treated with frequencies that assist in harmonizing digestion imbalances that affect the skin's appearance. It also works to balance inflammation in the skin, which is a primary symptom of perioral dermatitis. This is the perfect addition to boost results from your routine.


This supplement matches our own pancreatic enzymes, making it easily recognizable by the body and enhancing its effectiveness to break down the food we eat (yes, even all that pumpkin pie and eggnog). This internal approach to assisting your body in absorbing nutrients and releasing toxins from food targets perioral dermatitis at its source so you can see results faster.

Empower your skin and body to achieve the magical radiance you deserve. Shop the full protocol here.

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