Osmosis Skincare: Your Pigment Prognosis

9/09/2016 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

One day you wake up, walk to the bathroom, look in the mirror and wonder "why do I have a mustache?" Then you look closer, and wonder, "Why do I have age spots on my forehead? Those are new." Then you take another look at your upper lip and wonder...with angst, "Seriously, why do I have what appears to be a mustache?" You start plucking, but there are no hairs to be found. Yet the dark shadow of the mustache-y figure is still there, makeup doesn't cover it, you don't know what to do... Luckily for you, we have the answer to permanently take care of your pigmentation problems.

Our pigment protocol is ideal to treat pigment problems like melasma and hyperpigmentation and age spots. Pigment can be quite persnickety and very persistent. Peels, laser treatments, and sun damage can all cause pigmentation to become worse as the skin kicks into hyper active healing mode, pigment can continue to rise to the surface of your skin. Pigment can surface when hormones are imbalanced, gut is inflamed, and from sun exposure. Treating the problem from the inside out is the best way to get permanent results. Let us introduce you to our pigment obliterating line up!

Purify: This enzymatic cleanser helps remove dead skin from the surface giving you a nice clean canvas to treat.

Correct: This vitamin A serum is our level 3 treatment. Strong enough to give your skin the punch of rejuvenation it needs, but still gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Catalyst AC-11: Repairing your DNA is vital to treating pigment problems. This serum is your skin cell's reboot!

Clear Plus: One spritz of this toner will elevate your treatment serums to superpower status.

Rescue: This topical version of Restore will help minimize the appearance of age spots, soothe inflammation and promote healthier skin. Use this treatment morning and night for best results.

Restore: Restore is your internal treatment. Reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system will help keep your skin healthy and healed. Use restore morning and night for best results!

Protect: SPF is VITAL to protecting your skin from further damage. When you are using a treatment to lighten pigment, you must wear SPF at all times and reapply consistently! Don't forget to give extra coverage with our Pressed Base.

This is your pigment protocol. We know it seems like a lot to do, BUT the success of this plan far outweighs the steps and time to utilize it! This is your sure fire way of battling pigment and WINNING! Check out our pre-made protocol page to order your routine now, for a pre-made Melasma routine go here.

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