A Reason to Smile!

4/14/2014 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Tips on how to brighten your smile for Spring

Lipstick can help make teeth whiter by using colors that will offset any yellow tones or stains. It's important to know your skin's undertone and work with what you have.  Unfortunately, the wrong color can make them look worse. Generally colors that are too dark, frosted, or yellow in undertone can actually make your teeth look more discolored. Selecting a lipstick that works with your skin tone will enhance the brightness of your smile. Cool undertones will diminish any yellow tones in your teeth.  Sangria, Berry Frost, and Pink Sapphire are excellent colors for this. Also, make sure your lips aren't dry as this can accentuate any plaque buildup. Use the hydrating formula of the velvety lip pencils and moisturizing lip glosses for a refreshed look. 

Enhancing the eyes and lifting the cheek bones are excellent ways to take attention away from the teeth if this is what you’d prefer. Using a bold color such as  Desert Fire, creating sexy cat eyes with the Liquid Eye Definer, or sultry smoky eyes with Misty Blue will be a sure way to keep people looking away from your mouth. Lifting the cheekbone by highlighting it with South Beach or Bora Bora bronzer will also keep others
 looking at the upper part of the face.

Remember, showcasing the parts of
your face that you love will always encourage people to look exactly where you want.

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