Spring Essential :: Focus on Environmental Protection Harmonized Water

4/15/2013 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Our bodies are exposed on a daily basis by many toxins like arsenic, sulfites and fluoride. Typically, our organs eliminate these toxins effectively. However, if we are not in optimal health, our organs become less efficient at elimination and that is when toxins can be stored in fat cells. With stress these toxins can be re-released into the blood stream. Environmental Protection Harmonized Water (EPHW) reduces the damaging effects of toxins. This appears to signals our fat cells that it is okay to release the toxins as it thwarts negative effects from them circulating. The removal of toxins often causes weight loss because the fat cell does not need the excess protective water. Because of this, EPHW is not recommended for those who have a current severe illness that may already be taxing their bodies. To know if EPHW is working for you, hop on a scale just before you start using it. After about 1 month you should start to notice a loss in weight due to this dumping, anywhere from 2-10 pounds. You'll want to stay on EPHW for at least 3 months to get beneficial clearance of toxins like the above mentioned as well as carbon monoxide, aluminum, sodium, hydrogen peroxide, MSG, lead and cyanide. Be sure to drink plenty of water during this time.

EPHW can also help allergy sufferers by taking pressure off the immune system through toxin elimination and incorporating frequencies to help with asthma and lung health. Take this water twice daily for 2 months to know if it is working for your allergies. Allergy sufferers can alternatively use Breathe Harmonized Water if they have an asthma/breathing component to their allergies.

Taking Harmonized Waters is a great way to get started treating an ailment when also taking Restore Internal as it takes about 30 days to build up an effective dose internally and is amazing at helping with allergies and toxin release once that therapeutic dose is reached!

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