Beauty Basics :: Brown Smoky Eye (aka Eyes on Fire)

3/05/2013 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Warm up with Desert Fire

Enjoy this subtle yet natural look with a splash of color!   Introducing  Desert Fire, a warm and sultry collection of colors with a bright terra cotta shade that looks soft and natural on everyone.  This subtle smoky look is easy to achieve and is perfect for any occasion.


Step 1:  Start by applying the Age Defying Treatment Concealer to the eyes as an eye shadow base.


Step 2:  Using the Oval Shadow Brush add the terra cotta shade all over the eye lids except below the brows.


Step 3:  Changing colors, dip the Oval Shadow Brush into the chocolate brown shade and dust lightly on to your lid, avoiding going into the crease.


Step 4: Highlight eyes with the light beige tone below brows.


Step 5:  Line lashes with the  blackeye pencil and black definingmascara.


Step 6:  Fill in brows with the appropriate brow gel, finishing off with blush and gloss!


With just enough color to brighten the eyes, you're on your way to set the world on fire ~ day or night!

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