Oncology Esthetics Advanced Educational Certification - Chicago

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Osmosis Skincare would like to invite you to a certification training specializing in serving cancer patients undergoing oncology care and post-treatments. Achieving a certification in Oncology Esthetics® will enable you to provide services to a group of people that need and deserve your care.

The feedback from our staff who have attended this certification has been both impressive and inspiring. You likely know one or more families who have dealt with cancer. We want to help those in need for the right reasons.

Becky Kuehn
Certified Oncology Esthetics
National Educator, Touch for Cancer
Evergreen Skincare Solutions, Inc.
Class Dates
December 3-5, 2012

Class Cost

Class Location
True U Esthetics
845 N Michigan Ave
Suite 923 East
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 440-9740

Becky Kuehn, LE, COE
Jessica Juttner, RN, BSN, OCN, LE, COE


Oncology Esthetics® is an Advanced Educational Certification

for Spa Professionals

Morag Currin
and her Horse Equine Facilitated Wellne
The program was developed over the past 6 years through extensive research including the use and support of scientific studies, published by leading health and integrative care professionals and facilities. Oncology Esthetics® (OE) specifically addresses how cancer and cancer treatments affect the person and what that means to the spa professional providing the services to this demographic.


The Oncology Esthetics® 3 Day Training is for the spa professional who wants to specialize in Oncology Esthetics®. Oncology Esthetics® training appeals to spa professionals who are actively looking to engage with individuals undergoing cancer treatment. Students learn essential skills necessary to perform safe spa treatments. OE trainings are facilitated by an oncology RN and a licensed esthetician instructor trained in Oncology Esthetics®. Certificates are personally signed by Morag Currin, the facilitating oncology RN and an OE certified National Educator. Students have the opportunity to meet and work with cancer survivors.



·         Purpose of Oncology Esthetics®
·         Introduction to Cancer
·         What happens to the skin cells during cancer treatments
·         The four main cancer treatments and their side effects
·         Side effects on the skin from cancer treatment and medications
·         Carcinogenic ingredients in skin care and cosmetics
·         How to avoid causing harm during spa treatments
·         The importance of the immune system and the skin barrier
·         Lymphatic system and recognizing the initial symptoms of lymphedema
·         Marketing Oncology Esthetics®


To Register Call (306) 771-2307 or visit http://www.touchforcanceronline.com


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