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2/10/2012 Osmosis Skincare 2 Comments

From the NZ Herald's "The ultimate guide to the trends of 2012" ::

Inside out: Resorting to appearance medicine will continue to grow in popularity, but the new trend in beauty treatments is combining exterior renovation with interior makeovers. Expect clinics to suggest you take dietary supplements with supposed skincare benefits and try so-called beauty food and drinks, like beauty dietary supplement Yellow Diamonds.

Hmmm.  Seems like the "trend" is finally catching up.  At Osmosis, we believe in helping you look AND feel your best.  Dr. Johnson has been saying for years that the body is a fully integrated system.  What happens in one part of the body, affects what happens elsewhere.   Our overall health shows up in our skin.  Don't believe us?  See what your skin looks like the day following an evening in a smoke filled bar, too much to drink, or not enough sleep.   Words like sallow, dry, and tired come to mind.  How about after a vigorous workout?   Rosy, maybe glowing?

Not to worry, we've got you covered with the most advanced products for both your skin and your body.

ATP :: ATP Cell Therapy™ takes a revolutionary approach with our patent-pending formulation providing the nutrients and delivery system for your body to make its own ATP (energy) while allowing your adrenals rest.

Harmonized H20 :: We all know the benefits of hydration. Harmonized Water takes that benefit and builds upon it with the addition of frequencies that balance disharmonies in the body.      

And you don't want to miss the newest weapon at your disposal ::

Restore Immune Repair :: Restore Internal and Topical is a revolutionary new nutraceutical that combines modern technology and an ancient Chinese medicinal herb. The result - A remarkable increase in the health and strength of your immune system!


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  1. I think fixing and improving our internal health is best form of beauty treatment. I really like the approach that has been taken up by osmosis clinic.

    1. Thank you for your feedback and support! We are honored to empower wellness from the inside out!