Dr Johnson's Corner: Beat the Scale This Holiday Season with ATP Cell Therapy

12/12/2011 Osmosis Skincare 3 Comments

With the holiday season fully upon us, spending time with the ones we love can often lead to overindulgence and a busy schedule. ATP Cell TherapyTM will help you make your way through the changing seasons, keeping you energized and focused without having to worry about that dreaded scale.

Increasing the levels of ATP in your cells through ATP Cell TherapyTM is an effective way of burning fat through the holidays.  Immediate weight loss does not always show up on the scale, as ATP is increasing the protein production levels in your body helping you gain muscle mass in virtually every muscle in your body.  We see the effects (literally) in our eye (cillary) muscles where you will get better clarity of vision within a few weeks of starting ATP.  We also see this on the scale where I personally witnessed a loss of 14 pounds of fat and a gain of 12 pounds of muscle over the last several months.  This means that your body shape, the way your clothes fit, or more ideally your measured body fat percentage, are much better ways to assess the remarkable effects of ATP.

Body builders will see faster gains in their muscle size but people not lifting a lot of weight will notice tighter, leaner muscles – no bulking, we promise!  Remember, the secondary advantage of increased muscle is higher metabolism going forward.  ATP Cell TherapyTM is truly anti-aging!  For even more benefits in this regard add Revujenate Mind & Body H20TM (available December 15th) to your regimen which contains the frequencies of HGH and other rejuvenating hormones.

Remember, the more you take of ATP Cell TherapyTM, the faster/better it works.  The top range for most people is probably 3 capsules three times a day.  You do not have to stay on that dose, but it will accelerate fat burning during the holidays and can be enhanced by 30 minutes of mild/moderate exercise 3-4 times a week because it fires up the engines. 

Let ATP Cell TherapyTM help you through this holiday season with increased energy while helping burn those extra calories.

Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday and a Happy New Year!  

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