Treating Abnormal Pigmentation

9/13/2011 Osmosis Skincare 4 Comments

Abnormal pigment can be one of the most stubborn and frustrating skin disorders to not only treat, but to live with as well. Abnormal pigmentation, also known as dyschromia, can be caused by a number of internal and external factors.  Sun exposure is by far the biggest external cause and trigger of hyperpigmentation (overproduction of melanin) as well as being the main external cause of aging. There are many cosmeceuticals available for decreasing hyperpigmentation including vitamins, botanical extracts and lightening agents both natural and chemical. Professional treatments such as chemical peels and lasers are used in addition to treat pigment. The best results can be obtained through combining a variety of skin lightening agents to be used at home on a daily basis along with professional treatments that will treat the pigment at a deeper level.

There are many skin factors associated with hyperpigmentation including inflammation to the skin, a damaged barrier, antioxidant depletion, scar tissue at the dermal epidermal junction and damage to the DNA. All of these factors result in the over production and bunching of melanocytes. While there are many ways to treat hyperpigmentation the most effective route to take would ensure the treatment of all skin factors that come along with it. While we temporarily suppress melanin we also want to calm inflammation, restore the barrier, eliminate free radicals wherever possible restoring the antioxidant supply, remove scar tissue and dermal debris and repair damage to the DNA with Zinc Fingers.

It is always wise to begin by conducting a thorough skin analysis of your client. Everyone’s tolerance level is different for treatments, peels and products. Determining your client’s Fitzpatrick will allow you to be confident in providing them with a safe treatment suitable for their skin type. Depending on the treatments and products you offer, lighter skin types can generally be more sensitive and reactive and darker skin types can be more prone to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurring post peel/laser. Having your clients fill out a health questionnaire form will give insight as to what condition their skin is in, what their skin concerns are, what products they currently use and what treatments they have received in the past. Osmosis Skincare has provided a Client Health form for your convenience which can be located on our professional website in the Education and Marketing section Resource Center. Now you have all of the tools that you need and are ready to choose your method of treatment.

Osmosis skincare offers a variety of products and techniques for treating clients suffering from hyperpigmentation. Prepare your client for their corrective treatment series by beginning with a Medi-Facial for Hyperpigmentation. Osmosis Medi-Facials are a great way to introduce your clients to the Osmosis products by beginning stimulation in their dermis and nourishing their skin from the inside out. You can begin to restore their barrier and calm their inflammation. Next, work them into a series of Facial Infusions for hyperpigmented skin to begin the corrective process and incorporate products specifically for lightening hyperpigmentation such as Enlighten and Lightening Powder Blend. Facial Infusions can be done on any skin type and any Fitzpatrick so you can be confident in knowing that you won’t risk post inflammatory hyperpigmentation regardless of how dark their skin is. Facial Infusions will not only lighten their pigment but will re-load their skin with antioxidants and Vitamin A. Incorporating individual Active Powders will allow
you to customize your treatments and boost your results. L-Mandelic Acid, Niacinamide and Retinaldehyde are your most beneficial powders to add into your treatments for hyperpigmentation. 80% of your client’s results are rendered from what your clients do for their skin at home on a regular basis. They can begin the repair of their damaged DNA with Catalyst DNA Repair Serum and with everything in combination, be well on their way to ridding themselves of their unwanted pigment!

Written By - Corporate Educator, Nicole Manion

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