Dr Johnson's Corner: DNA Damage & Repair with Catalyst

9/16/2011 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

Ben Johnson, MD
Catalyst is the most exciting product to ever be introduced to the skin care industry. Catalyst withSRGF-7™ uses what science calls “zinc finger” technology to repair cellular DNA which then impacts several aspects of skin health.

Rebuilds Collagen - Catalyst provides the building blocks needed for perfect collagen formation which then replaces the damaged strands to rejuvenate the skin.

Sun Protection - Never before has DNA repair been so effective that it actually prevents sun damage better than any sunscreen.

Pigment Control - By repairing the DNA responsible for hyperpigmented cells, Catalyst restores normal pigmentation, even for melasma.

Heals Capillaries - Some “broken” capillaries can be “fixed” through zinc finger restoration of the damaged triggers involved.

Restores Cells - Once Catalyst has been working for several months it has the ability to fully rejuvenate skin cells and activate new stem cell formation.

Prevents Scarring - The ability to regulate collagen and improve immunity can reduce the scarring potential of any wound.

Heals the Skin - You will find a wide variety of imperfections on your skin disappear with repeated applications of Catalyst with SRGF-7™.


It is hard to imagine that one product can do all of that. Find out how zinc finger technology plays a role in healing the DNA that directs all skin activity by checking out the Osmosis YouTube video called “Catalyst - True Healing Starts With Your DNA”.

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