Sun Protection Plan

8/29/2011 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

In order to spend time in the sun safely, we recommend the following sensible sun-safe plan. 

·         Apply Zinc Several Times a Day as needed when you’re in the sun.  Sunblocks are safer than chemical sunscreens and zinc oxide is safer than titanium dioxide.  However, zinc cannot be made water-resistant or waterproof, so it must be applied frequently when in the water or perspiring.
·         Wear Sun-Protective Clothing.  Sun shirts are a wonderful invention.  They can provide SPF 10-15 protection and can get wet and be worn all day.  Best of all, they provide even protection, with no gaps or missed spots.  Unfortunately, they don’t protect the face, hands, and legs.
·         Use Sunscreens as Little as Possible.  Even with sun shirts, the face and sometimes legs often need to have protection that survives many dunks in the pool or a day of spring skiing.  If water-resistance is the key, only sunscreens have staying power. 
·         Look for SRGF-7.  Because SRGF-7 shows promise in calming cellular inflammation and protecting DNA – and because it does not break down into free radical-forming molecules or estrogenic compounds when exposed to the sun – this is one of the most exciting developments in sun protection.

And finally, don’t forget that sun exposure is good!  With all the talk about wrinkles, DNA damage, and skin cancer, it’s easy to forget that our bodies actually need the sun – it’s not the enemy we sometimes perceive it to be.  It’s important that we find a way to reap the sun’s benefits while minimizing its risks. 

In order to maintain optimal vitamin D levels in the body, we need to spend at least 15 minutes a day in the sun – up to three more if you are dark-skinned.  Research has shown that daily sunshine reduces your incidence of breast cancer, colon cancer, and osteoporosis; increases serotonin levels; improves immunity; lowers blood pressure and cholesterol; improves sex drive; and regulates sleep patterns.  So be sure to get out and enjoy the sunshine safely – it does a body good!

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