Success Story - Harmonized Water UV Protection

8/10/2011 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

No one can tell the story of our products better than our customers. Check out this great success story!

"In my experience, Harmonized UV water is a fantastic answer to sun protection living in New Zealand. Kiwi's are under constant attack from harsh sun because of the depleted O-Zone layer affecting NZ. The sun damage we receive is so intense on a sunny day, we can feel the sting of the sun on our skin within 5 minutes of exposure.

Last year was my first experience with UV water on one of the hottest days of the summer. Compounded by the fact that my skin was winter white and vulnerable to the sun's rays, it seemed a perfect time to experience the effectiveness of it.

I was determined to take the challenge and put this magic water to the test. Per instructions, I drank a cap full 1 hour before venturing out. I had on a small black bikini for maximum exposure and did not apply topically any other form of sun protection. I decided to lie on my stomach for a full hour. Normally my skin would start to burn within 10 minutes in the mid-day sun. I started the clock at 12:30 midday.

The first thing I noticed after 10 minutes was I could not feel the stinging and bite from the sun that I would normally feel. Strangely, I never felt any pain the entire time I was out in the sun during this test. I timed it carefully and at exactly 1.30pm I got up to examine the results. Looking into the mirror there was no burn or redness! Three hours later I checked my back again only to see a very slight demarcation line from where my bikini covered my skin, which was not red or pink ... it looked slightly tanned! Nothing major, but to my delight a slight tan did exist!

I really couldn't believe it! How fantastic! I can now go out and get a healthy dose of vitamin D and enjoy the sun without feeling the bite of the sun burning into my skin. In the future I will continue to protect myself and my kids in this way, as I believe it is safe, healthy and effective. I recommend for everyone to give it a try.

Harmonized UV Water is not effective after swimming in salt water, or after sweating during exercise, or very long periods in direct sun, so I do think that non chemical sunblocks do have a place. But I love the short daily dose of Vitamin D I get from the sun, unhindered by chemical sunscreens... and a light healthy tan makes me feel good. Harmonized water is like a second skin of protection, which is healthy and natural. I love it!"

-- Kay, New Zealand

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