Success Story - Beating the Texas Sun

8/19/2011 Osmosis Skincare 0 Comments

The rave reviews continue to pour in for Harmonized Water UV Protection. Check out this fantastic success story!

"My 17 yr old granddaughter is a LifeGuard at the local swimming pool and here in Texas our sun can be pretty mean! I wanted her to be really protected this year and when I heard about the UV water from Osmosis, I thought this was the chance to try it out...the first part of the summer she was using traditional sunscreen and of course she was out in the sun all day and the protection wore off...results were sunburn nose, etc! After using UV water, no longer does she get the sunburn nose, in fact, she is missing the "red" look altogether and goes straight to "brown". In fact, on her day off she and some friends went to the local water park with all of the rides, spent the whole day there in the sun (hoping to get sun where her LifeGuard swimming suit straps were) and of course we had her take 2 capfuls of UV water before going...when she came home that night, you couldn't even tell she was outside all day! No redness at all and you can still see the "white" of her LifeGuard swimming straps, where normally that would be "red" since it was new exposed skin. She wanted the white to be tanned, but I was so happy to see no sun damage!"

--Colette from DeSoto, TX

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