Customer Spotlight: JoElla Milan

8/22/2011 Osmosis Skincare 1 Comments

JoElla Milan

“I want everyone to have the
beautiful skin they deserve.”

JoElla has a studio in Aliso Viejo, CA where she performs facials, microdermabrasion and peels. A true pioneer of the web, JoElla has been online for almost 20 years!   She sells medical grade, chirally correct, natural and botanical products. She prides herself on personally testing and being well educated on each product so she can assist her clients on using the products correctly and fine tuning their regime when necessary.

How long have you been with Osmosis? I have been with Osmosis Skincare from the very beginning of the company.  I am one of the very first clients. I have known Dr Ben Johnson from his days at Cosmedix and have stayed with Dr Johnson all these years because I believe in his passion and philosophy on skin care.

What are your favorite Osmosis products? Catalyst and Refresh PM! The Catalyst helped heal some pre-cancerous spots on my face and keeps my pores small. Refresh PM helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles. No need for Botox with this product.

Favorite Quote: My favorite quote is also the slogan for my business - “The Best For Less”.
This goes along with Dr Johnson’s viewpoint of bringing you the best products for the best price. We want to keep them affordable so you use them.

To contact JoElla Milan:

Phone: 888-568-8858
Twitter: joellamilan
Facebook: JoElla Milan

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