Ask Osmosis: Order of Application

7/28/2011 Osmosis Skincare 3 Comments

The question that we are asked the most often is "In what order do I apply my products?".

This is a great question.  Knowing the proper sequence for application is important.  Each step prepares your skin for the next. Following the correct skin care sequence allows for optimal performance of your skin care products.

Cleanse the skin using a mild facial cleanser, such as Cleanse, Purify, or Deep Clean.

Too many soaps, cleansers, astringents and toners are overly aggressive in their pursuit of cleanliness.  Products that are alcohol-heavy or contain sodium lauryl sulfate strip away the skin's protective lipids and actively inflame the skin.

Facial Conditioner
Spray Clear Facial Conditioner to full face immediately after cleansing as well as following application of serums to help aid in absorption.

Your skin care regimen may call for one or both Transformation Serums (Catalyst & StemFactor) to be incorporated in addition to your Treatment Serum(s).

If you are using BOTH Catalyst & StemFactor - Apply StemFactor onto cleansed and conditioned skin, massaging in until absorbed.  Then apply Catalyst combined with your Treatment Serum(s), massaging in until absorbed.

If you are using ONLY StemFactor - Apply StemFactor onto cleansed and conditioned skin before the application of your Treatment Serum(s), massaging in until absorbed.

If using ONLY Catalyst - Apply Catalyst combined with your Treatment Serum(s), massaging in until absorbed.

The Replenish serum may be combined with your Active A Treatment Serum(s) or be applied following.

Massaging your serums into the skin improves penetration. The average skincare product (including eye creams) only gets 2-5% absorption into the deeper skin layers.  Twice-daily applications, massaging the product in and using products with delivery systems like liposomes which can improve penetration by 1000% are the keys to success.

Eye Treatment
If your skin care regimen includes an eye treatment, it should be applied after your serums and before your moisturizer.

Hydrate and Protect
And finally, it's time to hydrate and protect.  Depending on your skin and the time of day, this may consist of one or more products. During the day hydrate and protect your skin in one step with a combination Sunblock/Moisturizer, such as Shelter If your daytime routine includes a moisturizer such as Quench, our all-natural, hyaluronic acid and liquid crystal moisturizer, it should be applied before your sunblock.  For severely dry skin, an oil based hydrator such as Immerse may be added to either the sunblock or moisturizer. 

Everyone's skin care regimen may be slightly different.  We recommend you work with your skin care professional to determine the best plan for your skin condition and lifestyle.

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